New Video: Chris Robley live at NERFA 2017

It can be a thin line between purpose and servitude.

On a map, the coast of Maine — longer than the coast of California by some measurements — resembles a graph charting the upward climb of the Dow Jones. At plenty of jags along that zigzag are big, beautiful houses left vacant for 10 months a year. 

Just inland, real life.

Drive out to a place like Biddeford Pool and envy the million dollar homes built a gunshot's distance from a struggling (though "recovering") milltown. I did, and a song sailed in. 

I guess we're all captive to something, whether it's keeping up with the Dow Joneses, duty, addiction, or day-labor. The cormorant fishing with its neck bound seemed an apt image. 

Last November at the NERFA Conference outside NYC, the folks at Your Heaven Audio had me by to test out their new guitar pickup system and record a video of me playing the song

It was 3am, so if you've ever wanted to hear what my voice sounds like in the wee hours after singing all night long, well, this is your chance ; )