Lyrics in the Limelight "takeover" by Moody Little Sister

If you're looking for some great songs to cackle, cruise, or cry to this month, I asked my dear friends Rob and Naomi from the band Moody Little Sister to do a "takeover" of my Lyrics in the Limelight playlist on Spotify for January, sharing songs by other artists who've inspired them along the way (and I forced them to include a few of their own too). 

This playlist changes often as different songwriters help me choose new songs, so please follow! 

For January, the first 26 songs were chosen by them, the next 20 or so were selected by award-winning songwriter Connor Garvey, and then the other billion tracks are all my doing. I hope you enjoy this collection of lyric-driven music

Maine is melting, finally, and that's a great thing. I've been worried about my roof buckling under those five foot drifts of ice and snow. The roof held. The cold broke (for now). 

Stay warm. Be kind. 

- Chris