I'm playing for you every Tuesday and Thursday!

I want to invite you to be a part of something new that I've been doing.

It's called Lunch Songs Live, where I perform an online concert and talk to you every Tuesday and Thursday during my lunch break. 


Let's lunch.

I realized that what I miss most about touring these days isn't the crap pay, the hard floors, or the 10-hour drives ; )

It's the challenge of making each show different, keeping things a little bit loose, and pulling songs from a bunch of places (sometimes my ass) — not just running down the same old set each night. 

And I don’t need to neglect my family or lose my W2 career in order to perform without a safety net. I can do that FROM HOME!

So I am...

Live-streaming twice a week.

It’s kinda cool that I can play for people as far away as South Africa, the UK, and Spain, from the corner of my little music room. And as I said, I love the challenge of dusting off older originals and learning new cover songs, so as long as you don’t hold me to being “polished’ during these live-streamed concerts, I think we’ll all have fun. 

Watch on FacebookYouTube, or Periscope

Every Tuesday at 2pm EST and every Thursday at 1pm EST (give or take a few minutes, depending on life). 

I’d love for you to tune in and say hey.